Dina Dexter



hair color



Jimmy Neutron ( according to Cindy, but then find they are just friends )




Jimmy, Cindy ( formerly rival ), Sheen, Carl, Nick, some other kids


good grades, nice people, be with friends, science, animals


bad grades, mean people, when are her friends quarrel, stupid people ( except Carl, Sheen and Jimmy´s dad )

voice actor

Tara Strong


Dina Dexter is new student on Jimmy´s school. She is 10-13 years old.


She is intelligent, nice, friendly, creative and playfull. She loves to help, but is shy and naive sometimes. Every Jimmy´s friends have good relationship with her... except jealous Cindy ( but become friends anyway ). She is very interested by Jimmy´s inventions

physical appearanceEdit

She is about Jimmy´s height, maybe higher ( He is high like Jimmy, including his haircut ). She is ginger haired and have green eyes. She wears green t-shirt, blue jean skirt and pink shoes.


Ocean panic ( debut )


Jimmy NeutronEdit

They become good friends. Jimmy invite her to laboratory and too was one time on adventure ( but is unknown, if she become one of Jimmy´s best friends )

Cindy VortexEdit

She have Cindy as friend from begin, but Cindy was think that Jimmy have crush to her. But when Cindy find that Jimmy and Dina are just friends, she gets less jealous and become friend with Dina.

Carl and SheenEdit

Dina thinks they are little stupid, but is friends with them


They was rivals ( by Libby´s side ) but become friends


She make good relationships with many people in Retroville

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