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  • (Goddard is looking at a part of the page that says "He then sees Butch in the park with his little brother, having fun." He barks and looks around the area for Butch's little brother. He spots him, runs over to him, and starts licking him.)
  • Butch's Brother: (laughing) Goddard! (chuckling) That tickles!
  • Butch: HEY! What are you doing to my brother?
  • (Butch throws Goddard to Jimmy's feet.)
  • Jimmy Neutron: Hey! What have you done to Goddard?
  • Butch: He was licking my little brother!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Goddard, are you okay?
  • (Goddard shakes off the pain and barks.)

  • Sheen Estevez: (seeing a part of the page) "Nonetheless" doesn't have any hyphens in it!

  • (Cindy and Libby are laughing at a Christmas card.)
  • Libby Folfax: He looks so funny! (laughs)
  • Cindy Vortex: I agree!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Hey, why are you laughing at that Christmas card?
  • Libby Folfax: Well, here's the reason why we're laughing at it.
  • (Jimmy Neutron gasps when he sees a picture of him and Brobot in the bathtub as Dramatic Impact 5 plays. Jimmy faints. Cindy and Libby look at each other and start laughing.)

  • Brobot: Hey, Jimmy! I got something to show you!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Really? What is it?
  • Brobot: (shows Jimmy a CD) Ta-da!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Cool! A CD! What songs does it play?
  • Brobot: Oh, just some love songs.
  • (Brobot puts the CD in the CD player.)
  • CD: ♪(repeating) Jimmy's got a girlfriend! Jimmy's got a girlfriend! Jimmy's in love, Jimmy's in love!♪
  • Jimmy Neutron: AAGH!
  • Brobot: Come on, Jimmy! Kiss her! (points to Cindy)
  • Jimmy Neutron: No!
  • Brobot: (pushing Jimmy towards Cindy) C'mon, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss-
  • (Both Jimmy and Brobot get punched by Cindy.)

  • (Brobot sighs sadly.)
  • Jimmy Neutron: What's the matter, Brobot?
  • Brobot: Since your dad took my nose from me, I'm starting to miss it.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Well, my dad has it in his pocket right now.
  • Brobot: WHOO-HOO!
  • (Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture plays as Brobot gets into Hugh's pocket for his nose.)
  • Hugh Neutron: Hey!
  • (Brobot takes the nose out of Hugh's pocket.)
  • Brobot: Ah-ha! (puts the nose back on) Wheeeee! I can smell again! I smell Cindy's apple smell! I smell the fumes of Jimmy's inventions! I smell my mom's pie!
  • Mombot: Here's your pie, Brobot.
  • Brobot: Oh, yum! (eats the pie)

  • Brobot: Hey, Jimmy! I'm going to play with my friends!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Oh, that's great! Who are your friends?
  • (Brobot points to the door, which opens when a Phinedroid and a Ferbot walk in.)
  • Brobot: Shall we go play "One Way"?
  • Phinedroid: Yes. That's what we shall do today.
  • Ferbot: Yes. Yes we will.

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