The Adventures of Goddard the Dog, Robotic Canine is a spin-off on Jimmy Neutron focused on the adventures of Goddard after he runs away from Retroville and returns later in the series.


There lot's of episodes of Goddard the Dog but only 11 episodes produced as good episode ideas were hard to come across.


  1. The Adventures of Goddard the Dog, Robotic Canine
  2. Runaway Robot
  3. Pounding the Pound
  4. Meet the Bullbot 3000
  5. Garden Diggers
  6. New Fiends
  7. I Tend to Spend
  8. Back to Retroville - or Not
  9. Goddard, Come Home
  10. A Happy, Slappy Ending
  11. To be Continued
  12. Goddard and the Dog Party
  13. Goddard's nightmare
  14. Super Dogbot
  15. Junkyard Dog Trouble
  16. Goddard Fire Dog
  17. Jurassic Dogs
  18. Bath Time for Goddard
  19. Happy Birthday Goddard
  20. Flying Ace Goddard
  21. Puppy Sitter
  22. Dog School Trouble
  23. The Great Dog Show
  24. Catbot
  25. Sick as a dog


Goddard the DogEdit

A robotic dog; created by Jimmy Neutron. Ran away from home in the first episode but returns later in A Happy, Slappy Ending.

James NeutronEdit

Jimmy Neutron is Goddard's owner. Feels sad once Goddard runs away from their home in Retroville.

Bullbot 3000Edit

A robot bulldog created by James I. Neutron to bring Goddard back; failed as the bulldog scared Goddard.

Hugh NeutronEdit

Jimmy's dad. Only seen as cameos in Runaway Robot and mentioned in A Happy, Slappy Ending.

Judy NeutronEdit

Jimmy's mom. Only seen as cameos in Runaway Robot and mentioned in A Happy, Slappy Ending.

Carl WheezerEdit

A mentioned character; Jimmy's friend.

Sheen EstevezEdit

A mentioned character; Jimmy's friend.

Cindy VortexEdit

A mentioned character; Jimmy's nemesis and rival.


Two cameo characters.


A poodle; Goddard's enemy.

Libby FolfaxEdit

A character seen in a photo. Cindy Vortex's friend.

Nicholas DeanEdit

Seen in a photo; popular kid at school.

Ms. FowlEdit

Teacher at Jimmy's school. Seen in photo.


Seen in photo.


A pink poodle who Goddard becomes friends with.


A dalmatian from a fire station in New York City.


A black and white huskie from the arctic circle.


A beagle who Goddard loved hanging out with.


An always cranky pug.


A bull dog bully.


A clumsy dachshund.

Voice Cast Edit

  • Frank Welker as Goddard
  • Laura Summer as Lily the poodle
  • David Schwimmer as Spot the dalmatian
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Ricke the husky
  • Maddle Taylor as Sammy the beagle
  • Tony Sampson as Pat the pug
  • Jeff Bennett as Killer the bull dog
  • Larry the Cable Guy as Drake the dachshund
  • Cree Summer as Pudull the evil poodle

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